Killer Whale Entertainment


Nerdeportalen (2017)

This commercial showcases the products and workshops arranged by Nerdeportalen at SpillExpo (Oslo Comic Con) in 2017. Fighting for the attention of over 20 000 visitors next to the likes of Nintendo, Konami, Playstation, XBox, HBO and other exhibitors at Norges Varemesse, Lillestrøm, Norway.

Owner: Nerdeportalen (Website)
Our contribution: Photography, sound design, editing, visuals
Music: Morgan David King (Website, YouTube)
Event: SpillExpo (Oslo Comic Con)

The Gathering (2016)

The world's second largest computer party. The Gathering takes place during easter every year in Vikingskipet, Hamar, Norway. This is a unique arena shaped like an upside-down viking ship (hence the name, "The Viking Ship").

Owner: Killer Whale Entertainment
Our contribution: Concept, photography, sound design, editing, visuals
Second unit photography: triha (Instagram, YouTube)
Music: MIU (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube)
Event: The Gathering

Addexio's Intro (2012)

First seen in 2012, the animated intro for this video would go on to be used on pretty much all content on Addexio's channel for almost a full year. Now one of Norway's biggest gaming channels, Addexio is well beyond the 100 000 subscriber mark as well as being on the top 100 list of norwegian YouTube channels by subscribers. Our visuals last aired in March 2013, on a video that featured Vareide, who is currently on the norwegian top 20 list of channels by views.

Owner: Addexio (YouTube)
Our contribution: Intro/outro visuals, animation, sound design (0:00 - 0:10, 14:50 - 14:56)

BlockWork Teaser (2012)

This is a commercial for the Minecraft server "BlockWork". The project got rebranded shortly after launch and returned as "Ravenholm", hosted by the cross-platform gaming community called Multigamer. Eventually, the parent company Altibox decided to shut down Multigamer in late 2016, and Ravenholm faded from existence after 4 years of service.

Owner: Killer Whale Entertainment
Our contribution: Concept, visuals, animation, sound design

We Came To Surf (2011)

Norwegian exchange students shot this short film while surfing the waters of Waikiki, Hawaii, USA. The memories of this epic year in a tropical island paradise deserved an intro and outro to match. We tried to do it justice using nothing but an ancient laptop from 2007.

Owner: NASA (Norwegian Amateur Surfing Association)
Our contribution: Intro/outro visuals, animation, sound design (0:00 - 0:32, 20:25 - 24:06)

Poke (2008)

In 2007, norwegian director Harald Zwart (The Karate Kid (2010), Lange Flate Ballær) announced a screenwriting competition for norwegian high school students. Out of hundreds of participants, 6 screenplays were picked, and among them, ours. The writers were given the equipment they would need to create their films. During post production, the teams met up in Oslo, where they were coached by industry professionals like Ane Dahl Torp (The Wave, Dead Snow). After the initial screening of these films, they were published to norwegian schools, as part of a government project to raise awareness and knowledge of online privacy.

Owner: Du Bestemmer (affiliated with the Norwegian Department of Education)
Our contribution: Screenplay, photography, editing, sound design, production design
Website: Du Bestemmer